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HOF Criteria.

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Here are some stats which I look for, when choosing players which I feel should be inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame in the future:



a) Players with lifetime Batting Averages of .300 or more (.290 or more for Catchers).
b) Players with 3000 Career Hits of more.
c) Players who hit 400 or more Home Runs in their Major League Careers (300 or more for catchers).
d) Players who Bat in 1200 runs (RBI's) or more during their Major League Careers.
e) Players who play in 1000 Consecutive Games or more, not being benched for an entire game once during the 1000 game period.
f) Players who set an all time Major League Record.
g) Played in 8 All Star Games or More.


a) Pitchers who win 300 games or more.
b) Pitchers who strike out 3000 batters or more during their major league careers.
c) Pitchers who have placed in the All Time Top Twenty List for Lifetime ERA, at the time of their eligibility for election.
d) Relief Pitchers with 350 Career Saves or more.
e) Pitchers who pitched in 8 All Star Games or more.
f) Iron Man Pitchers (Over 20 Years in The Majors ).


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