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1918 - 2002.
.344 Batting Average
525 Home Runs
1839 RBI's
Inducted into Hall of Fame in 1966.
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 Veteran's Committee Choices:

Players No Longer on Sportswriters Ballot:
1) Stan Hack.   .301
2) Tony Oliva.  .304
3) Al Oliver.      .303
4) Steve Garvey.
1308 Career RBI's.
10 All Star Games.
5) Tommy John.
Iron Man (Pitched 26 Yrs. in The Majors).
6) Dave Kingman.
442 Homeruns, 1210 RBI's.
7) Darrel Evans.
414 Homeruns, 1354 RBI's
8) Maury Wills.
586 Stolen Bases.
9) Bert (Campy) Campaneris .
646 Stolen Bases.


And of course...
61 Homer Season.
Led Team to Three World Series & Seven Pennants.


Don't you think Baseball's Hall of Fame has held out on this man long enough?

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Choices--Non Players:
1) Bill Martin, (Team Manager).
2) Dutch Rennert, (Umpire)
3) Gene Autry (Baseball Executive--over 30 Years).
4) Joe Torre, (Team Manager).
5) Mike Scioscia, (Team Manager).

1) Joe Judge (Player).
  • .298 Lifetime Batting Average.

2) Bob Meusel (Player--New York Yankees-1920's).

  • .309 Lifetime Batting Average

3) Dom DiMaggio (Player-Joltin' Joe's Brother).

  • .298 Lifetime Batting Average.

4) Dixie Walker (Player for Brooklyn Dodgers).

  • .306 Lifetime Batting Average.

5) Jo-Jo Moore (Player--New York Giants "Gause Ghost).

  • .298 Lifetime Batting Average.

6) Frank Demaree (Player--1930's Chicago Cubs).

  •  .299 Lifetime Batting Average.

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