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Cyber World of Baseball Folklore.


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By Bob Dylan.

1) Lazy stadium night
Catfish on the mound.
"strike three," the umpire said,
Batter have to go back and sit down.

CHORUS: Catfish, million-dollar-man,
Nobody can throw the ball like catfish can.

2) Used to work on mr. finley’s farm
But the old man wouldn’t pay
So he packed his glove and took his arm
An’ one day he just ran away.

3) Come up where the yankees are,
Dress up in a pinstripe suit,
Smoke a custom-made cigar,
Wear an alligator boot.

4) Carolina born and bred,
Love to hunt the little quail.
Got a hundred-acre spread,
Got some huntin’ dogs for sale.

5) Reggie jackson at the plate
Seein’ nothin’ but the curve,
Swing too early or too late
Got to eat what catfish serve.

6) Even billy martin grins
When the fish is in the game.
Every season twenty wins
Gonna make the hall of fame.

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