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Anaheim Angels--Gene Autry Corner.

Angels Baseball--The Disney Years.

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1997 thru 2004: Anaheim Angels owned by Disney Corporation.


  • 2002 AL Wild Card--Anaheim Angels.
  • 2002 American Pennant Winners--Anaheim Angels.
  • 2002 World Series Champions--Anaheim Angels.

STAR PLAYERS SIGNED UNDER DISNEY: David Eckstein, Troy Glaus, Scott Spiezio, Cecil Fielder, Bengie Molina, John Lackey.



1) Angels in the Outfield (1994)- Christopher Lloyd & Tony Danza.

2) Angels in the Endzone (1997)- Christopher Lloyd & Paul Dooley.

3) Angels in the Infield (2000)- Patrick Warbuton & Kurt Fuller.


At the time The Angels made Anaheim Stadium their home, they were the only American League MLB Team to play in California, plus Anaheim was still way underdeveloped, but growing rapidly; so he came up with "California Angels." That name stuck around for 31 years until 1997, when Walt Disney and Company purchased the team. The team was renamed the Anaheim Angels and went on to win a World Series Championship in 2002.


       Even though Disney suceeded in putting a winning product out on the field, the Disney Empire didn't have the time or money to invest in the team so that it could turn a profit for the company and continue to be a winning product out on the field, with all that goes on in their vast empire. Disney, despite having  added a World Series Ring to their many acomplishments, sold the team to The Angels LP; headed up by Arturo Moreno in 2003. Disney did succeed at establishing Anaheim and The OC as a viable sports market by bringing  in an NHL Expansion Team (Anaheim Ducks) in 1993 and bringing a World Series Championship to The OC for the first time in 2002.


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Mr. Autry brought the Major League Baseball's American League to the American West Coast.