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Anaheim Angels--Gene Autry Corner.

Webmaster's Disclaimer Page.

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Webmaster Note (Disclaimer): The Official Name of the team is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. However, I myself refuse to call the Name of this team the "Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim)" because the team neither plays in the City of Los Angeles nor does this team pay taxes to Los Angeles. Anaheim is a city in its own right, and this team won its only World Series with Anaheim on their uniforms. Anaheim is not even located in Los Angeles County more less the City of Los Angeles. This move was perpetuated by greed, and disloyalty to the long time fans in Orange County. On this site and my Dodgers Fan Site, you will not see Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim displayed anywhere but on this page.

The Angels Logos are from Chris Creamers Sports Logos Page.

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Mr. Autry brought the Major League Baseball's American League to the American West Coast.