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Anaheim Angels--Gene Autry Corner.

Angels Baseball--Mike Scioscia Era.

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The most successful Era of Angels Baseball has been from 2002 to the present time while the team has been coached and managed by the Ex Dodgers Catcher, Mike Scioscia. Mike's leadership has brought out the best in The Angels Players during the first part of the 21st. Century.


  • 2002 World Series Champions--Anaheim Angels
  • 2004 Division Champions--Anaheim Angels.
  • 2005 Division Champions--The Angels.
  • 2007 Division Champions--The Angels.
  • 2008 Division Champions--The Angels.
  • 2009 Division Champions--The Angels.

STAR PLAYERS SIGNED DURING MIKE SCIOSCIA ERA: Vladimir Guerrero, Bartolo Colon, Tori Hunter,  John Garland, Gary Matthews Jr, Tony Abreu.



Mike Scioscia is definitely the Greatest Angels Team Manager of all time. Under his leadership, these last few years have been The Angel's Glory Years.

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Mr. Autry brought the Major League Baseball's American League to the American West Coast.