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Anaheim Angels--Gene Autry Corner.

Up on the Housetop.

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Christmas lights on house

By Patrick Crumhorn. Performed by Gene Autry.


1) Up on the housetop the reindeer pause,

Down jumps good Ol' Santa Claus.

Down through the Chimney with lots of toys

All for the little ones Christmas Joys! [chorus]



Ho! Ho! Ho! Who wouldn't Go?

Ho! Ho! Ho! Who wouldn't go?

Up on the Housetop, Click ! Click! Click!

Down through the chimney with Ol' St. Nick.


2) First comes the Stocking of Little Nelle

Oh Dear Santa, fill it well.

Here is a dolly that laughs and cries

One that will open and shut her eyes! [chorus]


3) Next comes the stocking of Little Will

Come and see what a glorious fill!

Here is a hammer a lots of tacks

Also a ball and a whip that cracks! [chorus]


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Mr. Autry brought the Major League Baseball's American League to the American West Coast.