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Down From His Glory.


Tune comes from E. di Capus.

Oh how I love Him,
How I adore Him,
My Breath, my Sunshine,
My All in All.
The great Creator,
Became my Saviour,
And all God's fullness,
Dwelleth in Him.
1) Down from His Glory,
Ever living story,
My God and Saviour came,
And Jesus was His Name.
Born in a manger,
To his own a stranger,
A Man of sorrow, tears, and agony. [chorus]
2) Without reluctance,
Flesh and blood His substance,
He took the form of man,
Revealed the hidden plan.
Oh, glorious myst'ry,
Sacrafice of Calv'ry,
And now I know thou was the Great I Am.

Carol Towne.