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Sir Websolot's Website.
About Sir Websolot's Mini Site:
Spider Web 1. Sleigh Ride. Jesu Joy The Lord's Prayer. Down From His Glory. Billy Boy. The Key to Being Content. Edelweiss. Rising of the Moon. The Legend of Clemuel P. River. Making a Change for the Better. Old Jeremy. Rising Above T.S. There's Weirdo! (The Speech.) She'd Always Be a Great American Legend. The Fable of the Ceremonial Cake The Colonel And Bobbie Jo. Cottonmouth Bit. Just Happen to be Sailing by. Pixies Get to Know Broken Bow. Site Map Page 2. About Sir Websolot's Mini Site: YO-DIDDLE-LAY-HEE-HOO! Sir Websolot's Favorite Links: The Moonpie Feud. Contact Me Spider Web 2. Martin's and the Coy's.


 The Mascot's Website basically consists of all of the The Eccentric Bachelor of Old Towne Web Pages hosted by Tripod. 
This Mini Website contains "Sir Websolot's Adoptions & Graphics Showcase. A lot of the Adoptions Displays are named after American Folklore Legends. This Site also hosts other pages of  graphics (Received from other Webmasters) which are shared by other Mini Websites within the Three Worlds of the Eccentric Bachelor of Old Towne. Please enjoy these adoptions and graphics, and please sign the guestbook before you leave.
  * * *                                                                                        Bill Baxter, DTM

Sir Websolot's Website.

Enjoy Sir Websolot's Website, and don't forget to visit other Mini Websites within The Three Worlds of the Eccentric Bachelor of Old Towne.

Sir Websolot's Adoptions & Graphics Center 1. (Br)

Site Map 2--Speeches and "Sir Websolot's Songbook."

Three Worlds of The Eccentirc Bachelor of Old Towne.