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Return of Goldilocks.

1) Three bears out for a walk one day
A little girl visits wanting to play
She rings the bell, she shouts, she knocks
She opens the door, "It's Goldilocks!"
She runs to the table where she sees three plates
Each one's piled with bacon and eggs
"Ouch!" she cries as she takes a bite
Papa's hot! Mama's cold! Baby's just right!


When Goldilocks knocks, hide your socks
When Goldilocks knocks, better lock all the locks!
If you're out on a walk, when Goldilocks knocks,
Leave a note on the mailbox, "Go away Goldilocks!"


2) She wants to play, she climbs the chairs,
1-2-3 they belong to the bears!
She leaps and laughs, it's a great big joke,
Papa's high! Mama's low! Baby's just broke!
She skips upstairs for a nice little rest,
Up to the room she likes the best.
She jumps on the beds like she's done before,
Papa's hard! Mama's soft! Baby's makes her snore!


3) Three Bears back from their walk just then,
See the open door, "Oh no! Not again!"
Papa says, "Mama, I thought you changed the locks?"
Baby cries! Goes inside, "It's Goldeewocks!"
They see the empty dishes and the broken chair,
Look at each other and race up stairs.
Goldi wakes up and says, "I'd better fly!!"
Papa shouts! Mama scolds! Baby waves, "Bye, Bye!"


Special Tribute to Radio Aahs.

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