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Broccoli and Chocolate.

1) One day I was shopping in my local grocery store
I grabbed a big bar of chocolate
As I was heading for the door
I tossed the chocolate in my cart
Beside a stalk of broccoli
They started talking. Talking? Yes!
At first I didn't believe. [chorus]



This is the story of broccoli and chocolate
It made the people talk alot.
About broccoli and chocolate
A very happy pair.

2) He said, "You make me feel yummy."
She said, "Mmmmmm, you make me melt."
The first time a veggie and a candy bar
Could tell each other how they felt
She said, "Being with you is delectable."
He said, "Being with you is a treat."
He was bright, bright green with envy
Because she was so sweet. [chorus]

3) As I was walking home that day
The sun was so hot on my grocery bag.
The chocolate melted, the broccoli wilted
When their voices stopped, I felt sad.
But when I got home...what did I have?

Now i like brocco-chocoli alot
Mom, it really hits the spot,
That broccoli and chocolate
A very happy pair. [chorus]

Man this song makes me hungry
Oh, me too.
It must be time for my favorite treat
What be that?
Oh, you know what that is
Broccochocoli? Choco-broccoli!
Broccoli and chocolate a very happy pair.

Special Tribute to Radio Aahs.

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