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   There has been speculations that Anaheim Stadium was built on an Indian Burial Ground. That has never been proven, but some have suggested that because the stadium rests on an Indian Burial Ground, the team had been cursed from 1966 to 2002. In 1978, an Angels' star player, Lyman Bostock, was sitting in a car at an intersection in Gary, Indiana; when a gunman pulled up along side and shot Bostock to death. The killer, Leonard Smith, was targeting someone else in the car, but he missed that person, and the bullet hit Lyman Bostock instead. Lyman Bostock died in a hospital a couple of hours later, and Leonard Smith was later found "Not Guilty" by reason of insanity. 

    Another Angels Tragedy began during the Post Season in 1986, when The Angels were only one strike away from beating the Boston Red Sox and going to their first World Series ever. Donnie Moore delivered what Angels Fan thought would be the final pitch of the game, only for Dave Henderson of the Red Sox to connect with a clutch home run which tied the game. The Red Sox later went on to win the game, and send the pennant race back to Boston. The Red Sox totally dominated The Angels during the last two games of the AL Pennant Series. After that, Donnie Moore became the scapegoat for the team's failure to advance to the World Series, and the fans booed the relief pitcher everytime he took the mound. Donnie Moore was also hard on himself, which reached a climax three years later when Moore took his own life. 

      Other events which have been attributed to the Curse of the Cowboy were the disappointing MLB Post Season of 1982, and The Angels Collapse in 1995. The curse was later put to rest when The Angels won their first World Series in 2002, against the San Francisco Giants.


The Curse of Moreno's Mistake:
There has been speculation that a new curse has now replaced "The Curse of the Cowboy, as some have  suggested that the team is now under "The Curse of the Name Change," because their last four play off appearances have all been disasters, despite the teams productivity and winning records  during the regular Seasons of 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2008. One such person was Judge David Sills, the Appeals Court Justice who did not vote with the other two justices who voted in favor of The Angels. Sills stated that "The Angels have been snake bit by their new name" and made referrence to the team's quick exits from The Post Seasons in the last few years.

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