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 I am not the biggest Baseball Fan in the world, but one of my hobbies, pertaining to Major League Baseball is keeping tract of players who have a good shot at being inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame in the distant future. In this website, you will find names and small profiles of players who are not currently in the Hall of Fame, but players who I feel should be inducted in later years when they are eligible.
There is also a Baseball Folklore Hall of Fame which pays tribute to American Folklore Legends in the World of Baseball, and Famous Baseball Songs and Poems.   
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  • 309 Career Wins as Pitcher during the 19th Century.
  • Inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1939. 


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  • Team Manager
  • Inducted in Hall of Fame in 1937.
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  • Major League Umpire from 1901-1931.
  • Inducted in Hall of Fame in 1953.

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