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The Rising of the Moon.


Prologue: "The Battle of Vinegar Hill."

This song is based on the Infamous Battle of Vinegar Hill in the Year in 1798. The Pike Army was badly out numbered, and their weapons were no match for those of the Redcoat Army.  Having been defeated by George Washington's Continental Army fifteen years earlier, The Redcoats were not about to let themselves be disgraced again. The Redcoats took no prisoners! Millitary help didn't arrive for the Pike Army on time, and they were all but slaughtered completely.

Sung By Peter, Paul & Mary.
Introduced at Toastmasters Convention in Atlanta-2003.

1) Oh, then tell me, Sean O'Farrell; Tell me why you hurry so.

“Hush me boy, now, hush and listen!” and his eyes were all aglow!

I bear orders from the Captain, get you ready quick and soon,

For the pikes must be together by the risin' of the moon.


2) Oh, then tell me, Sean O'Farrell, where the gatherin' is to be.

In the old spot by the river, right well known to you and me.

One word more for signal token: whistle up a marching tune

With your pike upon your shoulder by the risin' of the moon.


3) Oh, from many a mudwall cabin, eyes were watching through the night.

Many a manly heart was throbbing for the coming warning light.

Murmurs ran along the valley like the banshee's lonely croon,

And a thousand blades were flashing by the rising of the moon.


4) There beside the singing river, that dark mass of men were seen,

And among their shining weapons, hung their own immortal green.

"Death to every foe and traitor!  Forward!  Strike a marching tune,

Sing, "Hurrah, me boys, for freedom!  'Tis the risin' of the moon!"


5) Well they fought for dear old Ireland, and full bitter was their fate.

What a glorious pride and sorrow fills the name of ninety-eight.

Yet, thank God, while hearts are beating, each one bears a burning wound,

We will follow in their footsteps by the rising of the moon!

Atlanta 2003.

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